Deluxe Instruction Pack

Throughout the development of EasyBraid, the goal was always to create a simple, easy-to-use, affordable product that would enable anyone to create real french braids quickly and easily.  The product itself no doubt met those criteria from the moment it was created, but another step was needed:   easy-to-follow instructions.  To that end, no expense was spared in the creation of an instruction set to enhance the useability of EasyBraid.  The blister-packaged EasyBraids come with easy instructions printed right on the back of the card to create a standard french braid, the Easy Classic.  To make our product even more versatile, however, we also offer the Deluxe Instruction Pack that will show you how to create 5 additional braids as quickly and easily as you create the Easy Classic.   To give you a sampling, we've posted half of the six braids right here online.   Clicking on the individual pictures below will take you to a full-size image of that instruction card that you are free to print for your own use, as long as you do not reproduce the cards beyond that.  If you order the complete Deluxe Instruction Pack right here for only $2.95, postage included, you'll get the heavyweight laminated cards pictured below, plus cards for three more gorgeous braids, and we'll throw in the Hints and Tips Styling Guide at no extra charge!   It's a deal you just can't beat!

Important note:  This instruction package does not include a braiding tool.

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